COPD Support

myCOPD App

As you will be aware the NHS is under extreme pressure as it tries to tackle the current COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, patients are being asked to stay at home and many non-urgent appointments and services are not running as normal.

It is,however, important that you continue to monitor and manage your COPD. I am writing to offer you access to the myCOPDapp as featured on the NHS app library.

myCOPD can help you to

  • Learn how to better manage your COPD
  • Monitor your COPD symptoms
  • Perfect your inhaler technique
  • View pollution and weather forecasting
  • Complete an online exercise program
  • And much more!

It is easy to use and can be accessed on almost any device that connects to the internet, including smart-phones, laptops, tablets, and even smart TVs.

We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. If you would like to start using myCOPD, please complete this form.